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blue wall

1982 ©

I have always had a interest in combining media. This is most prominent in the printmaking area, but I have used other combinations of techniques over the years. This small series was planned first as a watercolour design. I was thinking of painting my living-room wall blue. I had a wood coffee table at the time. A sketch to see how it might look got carried away. On the second version I introduced some acrylic areas as I liked the effect and surface it provided to the image. The last two were more consciously a combination of wc and acrylic.


study for wall

study for space - 1982, 76 x 56 cm





blue wall 1

blue wall #1 - 1983, 76 x 56 cm

blue wall2

blue wall #2 - 1983, 76 x 56 cm




blue wall3

blue wall #3 - 1983, 76 x 56 cm