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REVISION was a 2006 exhbit at the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, with:

Karen Curry,   Alan Dunlop,   Susan Farquhar,  Robert Game, Brian Kelly,  John Smith and M. J. Steenberg

This was an informal association working with the concept that all images are in a continues process of revision, individually and in relation to each other. The theme of revision was explored through the mediums of painting, photography and print making.

My inspiration began when the artists first came together with a selected few pieces for a studio show. This was an opportunity for me to let this informal association have a more conscious influence on my work. To achieve this I combined digital images / ideas from the other artists that exemplified their work, with the designs and icons of my work. There is a lot of over painting that merges the digital with the painted. Paintings are ©.