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I moved to Toronto after finishing a BFA at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. For a number of years I worked at part time jobs teaching and other opportunities as I worked mostly in a home based studio. I had taken a one year print course at university and really enjoyed etching. When I heard about the Open Studio in 1968 I was very interested. It was on Queen St. West, and it was a studio I worked at a part of each year for the next 12 years; interacting with other printmakers, learning techniques and different print media. It was here that I was first offered some custom printing work, a new concept for me and as well as pay, I received a "printers proof". In 1982 I set up a private custom printing studio with Praga Press (a manufacturer of printing presses and retail supplies). Working with an ink chemist developed a line of etching inks. In 1983 I began working at Novak Graphics, a private print studio publishing international artists. At first as director setting up the etching area and later I was studio manager (etching, lithography and silkscreen departments).

Meanwhile I was painting and drawing whenever I had time. Exhibited when I had completed work and had the opportunity. Over the years my interest was in making images and often the idea would demand a certain media to be fulfilled.

At a young age I saw my first blueprint and I loved the visual impression it left - geometric, white lines on dark blue. In general this impression has always been with me. The blueprint is a layout of what can be. I enjoy a geometric look, drafted lines, colour and the idea of visual symbols of what can be.

After Novak Graphics, Susan Farquhar and I set up our own print studio in 1991. In the parlance of the print world we are both master printers. We have a large etching press, a silkscreen press and a small letterpress. We have printed over 350 editions for artists. We have done many for the John Lennon estate, Miles Davis and Anthony Hopkins to name a few of the most famous. We have copublisher with many Ontario artists of exceptional talent.

I have lately been interested in expressing environmental aspects in my work.
A review by Robert Palangio (North Bay Arts) sums it up very well.
"Robert Game's paintings and prints focus on the environment and the balance between the natural world and the constructed world. Drawing from his travels throughout Central Ontario and Manitoulin Island, Game creates images that reflect on his observations of the forest reduced to walls of trees lining the highway, concealing clear cuts and industrial wastelands or forming protective barriers marking the advance of civilization into natural places."

Represented by:

Joan Ferneyhough Gallery, North Bay

Liss Gallery, Toronto

Robert and Susan closed their printing studio Atelier GF in September 2014. They now work on their art projects in home studios.


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